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Domain Name is an Unique given address to identify computer nameserver like web server or email server in computer network or internet. Domain name function to easier the user in the internet when accessing into server, beside that to memorize visited nameserver without identifiying complicated row number known as IP address. Domain name is also known as an unity in website like example "domain.id". Domain name sometimes mentioned as URL, or website address.

.id Domain Name is a ccTLD(Country Code Top Level Domain) of Indonesia. .id Domain Name represents "Identity, Idea or International Domain". The .id DNS Location (Domain Nameserver) located in indonesia and also in part of internet network of the world. Therefore when the mobile device or dekstop accessing .id Domain Name website, the page will easy to access and faster to be accessed. The whple of .id Domain Name is under of Indonesian Government Authority. If the criminal action or cyber crime found, the government will be actively help the handling.

The good Domain Name is short, easier to remember and spell. In order to easier your website visitor when accessing your website address.